Friday, December 11, 2009

gifts for writers (and readers)

Earlier this week, there was a lovely staff blog post by Martha Lundin, Editorial Assistant for The Writer. Martha offered up a few suggestions for those looking to buy gifts for the writer on your list.

I have to admit, I had a great time exploring some of the options presented. In particular, I spent a great deal of time exploring Book Bouquet. Really, can anything top a gift basket of books, treats, and coffee? I don’t think so.

Martha also had a few other suggestions worth checking out, so please do visit The Writer staff blog if you’re still shopping for that special someone in your literary life.

Of course, my favorite suggestion Martha made was for a subscription to The Writer. I’ve basically been a lifetime subscriber to the resourceful magazine, but I would be very grateful to gift-givers offering magazine subscriptions of the literary kind. I’m a die-hard subscriber with my ‘writing magazines’ (which make a great gift!) but I am also always looking to explore a variety of literary journals. If you have a writer on your shopping list, consider gifting an entire year’s worth of contemporary literature and resources for markets, competitions, and awards.

If you don’t know where to start, ask your writer friend where they have been submitting work lately. Chances are, they’d love to receive a home-delivered copy of the journal on a regular basis. Don’t want to give away the surprise? Check out the literary magazines listed on amazon for some ideas. There really is something for any budget and if you’d rather support the ‘zines directly, at least this is a good starting point in figuring out what your options are.

Gifts of books and magazines aren’t just great for writers. Remember to give the gift of print to your reading friends, too. It will last longer than a box of chocolates and cost less than a Wii game.

While you’re shopping, don’t forget to treat yourself to some new lit, too!

Happy shopping. See you Monday…


  1. Just came in from Kepler's--one of my favorite Indies--with all of my Christmas goodies. The best kind of one stop shopping. Wonderful book gifts for all the family. Yes!!!!!

  2. My family is made up of booklovers, too. That makes it so much easier (and fun) for gift shopping. Thanks for stopping by!