Monday, December 28, 2009

Dodge Poetry Festival on YouTube

I have been enjoying the videos from the various Dodge Poetry Festivals so much that I simply must share. If social media and technology has done anything for poetry, it is to bring a greater awareness to the great world of literature around us. Just think back to a decade ago… would you have imagined traveling to some of the world’s most popular author festivals with just a click of the mouse?

YouTube has done us all a favor by creating a venue for promoting poetry. Oh, sure, it’s used for all sorts of video, but for the artist… this is one incredible vehicle for sharing our work, hearing others perform, and allowing us to virtually attend some incredible readings.

Some of the Dodge Poetry Festival readings I have enjoyed this weekend include the following:

Franz Wright
By the way, this wonderful Pulitzer Prize winner has a new chapbook available from Marick Press! Leave Me Hidden is a gorgeous, 48-page chapbook that you simply must read more about here:

Lucille Clifton

Billy Collins

Tony Hoagland

Jane Hirshfield

There are so many incredible readings from the Dodge Poetry Festival, hosted on YouTube, so I do recommend checking it out. Also, the announcement for the 2010 festival has been made and the dates and schedule are soon to come. Visit the festival website here:

Have fun exploring the visuals and sounds of some of today’s most well-loved poets. See you next time…

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