Friday, August 6, 2010

social media holiday

It seems I have somewhat already begun a social media holiday, what with my noticeable lack of posting these past couple of weeks, but it’s official: I am taking a holiday. Well, at least a holiday from social media…but only for a couple more weeks.

This summer has turned into one of the most (unexpectedly) busy times of the year and rather than let my schedule take control of me, I am taking control of it. As such, I have to trim a few things here and there, elect to do some things and not others. Since I have a very blog-worthy fall approaching, it seems reasonable to take a few weeks of a breather on the blog right now before all of fall breaks loose.

So, I’ll be absent from the blog, facebook, twitter, and all social media for most likely the entire month of August. However, you’ll know when I’m back as I’ll probably feel social-media-deprived enough to chat off everyone’s ears by that point.

Until then… enjoy the last few weeks of summer, read up, write it out, and enjoy your own holidays, whether at home or away.