Saturday, May 24, 2014

in with the new PQ

If we’re connected via social media, you may have noticed that I recently stepped down from my role at Poets’ Quarterly. First, I wish to offer thanks to those who have reached out to thank and congratulate me on my time at PQ. I started the journal five years ago and every single issue meant a great deal to me. Working with so many talented editors and contributors was a joy, day in and day out. I also want to acknowledge and thank Leslie Nielsen for stepping up as the new publisher and editor of PQ. Leslie has a long history with the journal and I am proud to have her take over the job.

Some have asked why I would step down from PQ, especially since the journal seems to be gaining more readers every month, adding to the already thousands of readers we know and love. It’s simple, really. I both want to see PQ grow beyond me—and hence it needs new blood for that to happen—and I also want to make sure I balance all of my lit community commitments. I happily have my hand in a lot of pots and in order to best serve each of those ventures, a shift in focus was required. I have given five years to PQ, hopefully five good years, and I know with Leslie in the captain’s chair the journal will continue to thrive and grow well into the future.

Thank you to all who have read, shared, and/or contributed to PQ in some way. Your enthusiasm has made it possible for PQ to shine on and I encourage you to keep up with the latest issue each quarter and lend a hand to Leslie in whatever way you can.

As for me, keep in touch. I have many exciting projects around the corner and it’s because of this incredible community of which I feel a part that I know there’s yet unidentified fun in the cards for me, too.


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