Friday, May 2, 2014

where does silent talent go?

“Every now and then I search for signs of her writing on the Internet, but I don’t think she’s ever published anything. Breaks my heart because she was amazing.” – Junot Diaz, “MFA vs. POC” in The New Yorker

Junot Diaz is the author of This Is How You Lose Her and the co-founder of the Voices of Our Nation Workshop. In this New Yorker piece, Diaz talks about his MFA experience—and the experiences of many still today. The above quote is what spoke to me most; how many people have you come across in your life that displayed a talent/passion for something, only to disappear into another life or, perhaps, an unnoticed life?

Whatever your passion, whatever your dream…. Speak up. Be heard. Be seen. And, whenever possible, help someone else be heard. 


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