Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Q&A with author Megan Crane

It’s Q&A day here at the blog and I’m excited to introduce today’s special guest. Megan Crane is an author, instructor, Broadway-dreamer, and soon-to-be covert romance novelist. When it comes down to it, Megan is a hard-working writer who creates real drama with slices of humor and wit, but isn't afraid to ask a tough question or two in her character development. Today she’s answering a few not-so-tough questions, so please join me in welcoming author Megan Crane.

Hi Megan. Can you tell us about Names My Sisters Call Me?
Sure! It's about sisters, and true love, and first love, and how to understand all three--if you can.

Okay. But what’s it really about?
I think it's really about growing up. It's about shedding the skin you were given and choosing the skin you live in. We all play certain roles in our families, our social groups. But are those roles who we are? Did we choose them? Or were they something we inherited without stopping to examine what they might mean?

Tell us about the MySpace profiles you created for your characters.
My publisher actually did this. Aren't they fun? There's even a Facebook quiz you can take to see which of the three sisters you're most like.

How has social media and technology changed the way you connect with readers?
I don't know that these things have changed the way I connect with readers, because my first book came out in 2004 so I feel as if the web or email was always the main way I communicate with readers. But certainly Myspace (back in the day), Facebook, and now Twitter offer a whole lot more ways to connect and interact. It's a lot of fun.

Tell us a bit about your journey as an author.
Long Day's Journey Into Night? I'm just kidding. I'm on another tight deadline at the moment, which makes everything seem a little nutty. I think the most important thing I can say about my journey--or anyone's journey--is to try to remember not to judge it while you're doing it, and part of that is not comparing yourself to others. Only you can write your book. No one else can.

Have you been able to use your experience to teach others?
I like to think so, but you'd have to ask my students! I teach online classes at mediabistro and real life classes at UCLA Extension.

What advice do you have for writers starting out?
Finish the book. Always finish the book. Then worry about the market and everything else--none of which matters until you finish the book. Because nothing teaches you more about writing novels than writing novels.

Is it true you have multiple personalities? What I mean is, what other names do you write under and why?
I started off as Gemini, so the multiple personalities have always been a foregone conclusion. But yes, in addition to the teen books I ghostwrite under various names, I recently became Caitlin Crews. Caitlin is the author of highly emotionally charged romances, which you should start to see next year from Harlequin Presents. And I decided to write under a different name because... why not? Can a feather boa be far behind?

Some have said chick lit is so last year. Others say it’s always going to be around. What are your thoughts?
Apparently the term is like saying Voldemort out loud in a Harry Potter book. I don't think women are tired of reading women's stories just yet. So perhaps some of the conventions will change in the telling of those stories, but I don't think the stories are going anywhere.

What are some of the challenges in writing for more than one audience?
I don't know that it's challenging so much as fun. It's certainly never boring! And all the books are very different, so it always feels new and exciting.

What else can readers expect from you in the near future?
My first Harlequin, Pure Princess, Bartered Bride is coming out in February 2010. In the UK, Names My Sisters Call Me just came out this spring, and I believe Everyone Else's Girl should be out in the spring of 2010. And I have a few more things I can't talk about just yet, that I hope I'll be able to share soon.

How can readers learn more about you and your books?
Everyone should check out my website: From there you can find my journal and all my other online destinations--including Twitter where I waste far too much time.

Thanks, Megan! I appreciate you taking the time to talk about your latest news and upcoming releases.
Thanks so much for having me!


Be sure to visit Megan’s website where she has an active journal, links about Caitlin Crews and to other websites where Megan shares news and events related to her writing.

If you’re enjoying the author Q&A series, you’ll love the month of August. As I’ll be attending lots of events and completing a deadline or two, I have invited an extra batch of writers to participate on the blog, through additional interviews and also a few special guest posts. September will return us to our usual schedule of weekly Q&As, but I couldn’t think of a better way to fill August’s blog schedule than to entertain you with hot authors, new releases and special features.

Until next time, happy reading!

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