Thursday, July 2, 2009

interview with author Lorna Suzuki

As promised, one of the new features of this blog will be interviews with emerging and established authors (and other industry types). To help you keep track of who’s on deck, I have added an interview schedule. If you look to the right menu panel of the blog, you’ll see a list of upcoming guest authors. Keep in mind the list is growing! From now on, we’ll have an interview every Wednesday, so be sure to visit often to see who our special guest is.

I am pleased to kick off the author Q&A series with a wonderful Canadian author who has a real knack for fantasy. Lorna Suzuki, author of the Imago series, features a strong female protagonist in her writing and it’s a delight to have her with us on this blog. Lorna was kind enough to respond to a number of questions I had regarding her fantastic Imago series. Please join me in welcoming Lorna as she shares more about her books and writing.

Lorna, can you tell us about the Imago series?
LS: There is a total of seven books in the series if you include the prequels, Imago Prophecy and Legacy. These two titles chronicle 1000 years of events leading up to Book 1: Tales From the West. Imago is set in an imaginary time and place. There is an ensemble cast of characters, but the central protagonist is Nayla Treeborn. A product of an ill-fated affair between a mortal woman and an elf, she is shunned by one race and denied by the other. To make matter worse, she steps into the male-dominated arena of warriorship to become a respected captain and a skilled assassin. And all without supernatural powers! Each adventure is quite different, but the characters remain true to their personality as they face each new situation.

What was your inspiration?
LS: Being a martial arts practitioner/instructor I was bothered by the fact women attending training seminars never thought they could really be taught to fight until they saw puny me throwing guys around. They said it was in their upbringing, culture and the books they read: Women don’t fight back; they wait to be rescued. I didn’t want my daughter reading about helpless women waiting for a hero to rescue them. I wanted her to read about women who could do the rescuing, but in a realistic way, not with magic and super powers. Please note: Imago is not a child’s fantasy. It has graphic violence and adult content, so be warned.

Will we see more Imago books?
LS: Originally, I was only going to write three books at the most, but those following Nayla’s adventures kept asking for the next adventure. Book 6: The Spell Binder will be released this October and the final installment, Book 7: The Broken Covenant will follow. Will there be a tenth book in the series? All I can say is that fans were outraged when I revealed my plans to kill off Nayla! In the end, she lives, but many fall in her place. As for more, I’ll see what the fans want.

What other writing plans do you have?
LS: I just wrote my first YA Fantasy, book one in a trilogy, but the ultimate goal? To write a historical fiction about one of Egypt’s most prominent female figures, someone I consider more powerful and fascinating than Cleopatra. It’ll require a lot of research and guesswork as those in power that succeeded her attempted to erase her from Egypt’s history. Now this would be a major feat.

Tell us about your writing routine.
LS: After I walk my daughter to school or wait until she’s in bed asleep, then I begin my work. Lately, I’ll listen to Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” first as the theme of the song primes me for immersing myself in this imaginary world where I pull the all the strings (yes, I rule Imago). Get into some comfy clothes, grab a cup of coffee, and then I get typing on my laptop until I’m too exhausted to write anymore.

You also write freelance. What appeals to you as a writer?
LS: In the last while, I’ve been writing biographies for a company called Life & Times Production. One was made into a documentary that aired on The Biography Channel, but I have a love for natural history and to write a wildlife documentary in the style of David Attenborough’s Life on Earth would be wonderful!

Tell us about what you're working on right now.
LS: Currently, I’m working on edits to my debut YA novel. Working title: The Magic Crystal, Book One of the Dream Merchant Saga. Right now, I’m considering a 3-book deal with an indie publishing house interested in this trilogy, so I’m racing to polish up the manuscript and edit it down to at least 150,000 words.

How can readers contact you?
LS: Through my official website or through my page on Also on twitter @LornaSuzuki.

Thanks, Lorna! I really appreciate you sharing all your great news. Best of luck with the Imago series and with the debut of your YA fiction.

Readers, remember there are more interviews to come. Next up is Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of Crazy Beautiful. From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Crazy Beautiful will be available in September 2009. Lauren will be here on Wednesday, July 8th, so mark it in your calendar!

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Until next time, happy reading!


  1. Nice to read the author interviews here -- and I like being able to see what's ahead with upcoming interviews listed on your sidebar.

  2. Thank you, Dory! I’ve visited your blog and you have such wonderful photos.

    There are some really great Q&As coming up, so I hope you’ll come back to read more.

    Thanks for stopping in!