Saturday, March 29, 2014

free and super low cost ebooks delivered daily

My husband out-reads me every year. He often ends up in the 40-50+ range, while I’m more in the dozens.

I think he reads that much more because he’s well-accustomed to reading novels on his Kindle, on his smart phone, in between meetings and during lunch. I’m a curl-up-on-the-couch for dedicated reading sessions kind of person.

We’re never at a shortage of ebooks in this house and that’s partly due to our discovery of BookBub. If you’re both an avid reader and a penny pincher, you might also enjoy this daily book service.

Basically, every day of the week you’ll get an email from BookBub with a selection of free or extremely low priced (0.99c to $2.99) that are available at that special rate exclusively on that day. So we take advantage of the daily deals and then find them on our cloud or devices for later reading.

The books are from all genres, interests, and lengths. You’ll find NY Times bestsellers alongside debut authors. We’ve picked up great reads and some duds, but we’re never at a shortage for ebooks.

For more info on the BookBub daily book list, check it out at



  1. Last year I read 80 books. This year I hope to break triple digits. Reading on my commute makes it easy for me to gobble up books. Oh, and I read stupid fast, that certainly helps. =)

  2. Courtney, that's wonderful! I'm envious (as an admittedly slow reader).