Monday, May 17, 2010

poetry reviews wanted: summer issue

The summer issue of Poets' Quarterly is just around the corner and I'd like to invite you to submit a book review. While PQ generally reviews poetry books published within the last year, I am opening the door to include some of your favorite poetry books for summer reading.

What poetry collection do you always turn to in the dog days of summer? What book is as hot as the season? If there is a particular book that screams summer poetry to you, please feel free to submit an unsolicited review for the next issue.

Complete submission guidelines (with specific formatting requirements) are available online at The summer issue deadline is June 26.

Poets' Quarterly is also looking for a handful of additional year-round reviewers so if you're interested in contributing a non-summer-specific review, send an email to Let me know if you have something in mind or if you need a book assigned to you for review. Interviews with poets are also welcome.

Thanks and happy reading...

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