Monday, May 20, 2013

a long weekend at home: Victoria Day-dreaming

As my friends and neighbors (my own household, included) prepare for the forthcoming Memorial Day weekend, my dual-country ties had me celebrating a weekend earlier thanks to Victoria Day, a Canadian public holiday.

Growing up, I was slightly more familiar with the term “May 2-4.” The reasons are twofold: Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819 and her birthday was celebrated in Canada long before the country formed its independence; and, yes, a bit more casually, the holiday also refers to the semi-official start of summer—wherein cases of beer are consumed in quantity. Or, at least I have heard.

I won’t be on ‘the other side’ of the border this year where my fellow Canucks are celebrating for all of the above reasons, in addition to the current reigning sovereign’s birthday, but I had my fair share of summer fun closer to home.

Over this long weekend, I’ve enjoyed what I’ll call my “slow motion triathlon.” I have cycled more than 30 miles in my ongoing preparation for my excursion to the Mackinac Island trail. I’ve gone for a refreshing swim in a community pool down the road. And, the spouse and I covered several miles on foot, enjoying the arrival of sunny days and warmer temps. 

We’ve been exploring outside our immediate neighborhood, particularly along the perimeter of the golf club course down the block where we don’t usually venture. I’ve been spying on the gorgeous outdoor pool there and daydreaming about becoming a member. Considering the private club fees, this writer will have to sock away a few more pennies to make that happen. So, for now, it’s back to the community pool today.

Mostly, though, I have used this weekend to brainstorm summer activities. We’re itching to go for a camping getaway and I want to explore some of our state parks this year, too. I’ve had fun plotting canoe routes, bike paths, and general beach-bum days. For a weekend bound by deadlines, I feel like I’ve celebrated the start of summer—and Victoria Day—in my own little way.

To my friends and neighbors (ahem, neighbours) across the border, Happy Victoria Day!

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