Monday, June 6, 2011

grad level writing classes open for audit

Pine Manor College invites local writers to audit
graduate-level creative writing classes 

Pine Manor College is pleased to announce that a select number of graduate-level creative writing courses will be open to the public for auditing during the summer residency of its Solstice MFA Program, scheduled from July 8–July 17, 2011

Classes are open to serious writers working at all levels; auditors are encouraged to complete the advance preparation requirements for any MFA class they wish to attend. The registration fee is $25 per course for Solstice graduates/$35 per course for the general public; the deadline for enrolling as an auditor for the summer 2011 Residency is July 1, 2011.  

For course descriptions, our audit policy, and a downloadable registration form, visit 

Summer 2011 MFA classes that are open to the public include:

• The Political Novel
• The R&R Moment: Recognition & Reversal
• Point Of View in Fiction
• The Slant-Wise Mirror: Creating Speculative Fiction Images That Reflect Reality

Creative Nonfiction:
• The Experimental Essay: A Class for All Genres
• The Travel Essay as Gateway To Sacred Space

Persona - Across Genre:
• The Multiple Selves Within Me: Narrator As Persona In Literary Nonfiction
• Persona: Writing About Someone Other Than Yourself (Poetry & Fiction)

• Be Bold! Revise!
• Introduction to Prosody
• About the Music Inside Your Lines

Special Guest Q&A:
• Q&A with three-time Newbery Honor Winner Jacqueline Woodson

Need more info? 
Contact: Tanya Whiton, Assistant Director 
(617) 731-7697

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