Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opportunity: want an author signing at AWP?

This is a no-stings-attached opportunity open to writers with a book to sign or lit journals wanting an additional way to flag down passers-by.

The Fact:
AWP in DC is just a few weeks away and I have an opportunity to share.

The Setting:
Thanks to my publisher, Continuum Books, I have a table exclusively to myself, for The Low-Residency MFA Handbook: A Guide for Prospective Creative Writing Students (link). Throughout the conference, a number of low-res program reps (directors, faculty, students) will be coming by to hang with me, and talk about their programs and their interviews in The Handbook.

The Predicament:
Saturday is by far the busiest and most joyous day of the conference. That being said, my departure flight has me leaving the conference a couple hours early. This leaves some desirable real estate available—and I want to make sure someone gets to take advantage of that. On the house. No strings attached.

The Opportunity:
If you’re a lit mag representative or an author with a somewhat recent book you’d like to promote and sign the last few hours of AWP’s amazing bookfair, you are welcome to have your 15 minutes of fame for roughly two and a half hours (3-5:30pm). You’re invited to bring along your books/lit journals, appropriate signage (since I’ll take most of mine with me), and your stellar personality. Heck, I'll even help promote your scheduled presence. Not bad, right?

But, Wait, There’s More:
Since this is my table and I can invite whomever the heck I want to join me, I can even find another time during the bookfair to make a seat for you, so you can max out your presence (in some rather fine company, I might add).

Email me and we’ll chat.

While I’d love to say yes to everyone, this is a limited time offer since this is a limited space kind of situation. So, what are you waiting for? Email me now:

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