Thursday, November 4, 2010

worth sharing, worth reading

The Kenyon Review Literary Festival
November 5-6 Gambier, OH
w/keynote speaker W.S. Merwin, US Poet Laureate


Speaking of KR...
They’ve just launched an occasional new series detailing why a particular submission is selected for publication. If you’ve ever submitted – or want to submit to KR – check it out and learn why editors at The Kenyon Review selected Elizabeth Chandler's “Blue Bear” for the Winter 2011 issue. Read:

Pass it on and on and on....
Another great read for the week was shared via Paper Darts Literary Journal on Facebook and is absolutely worth sharing again. Read “Support for Lit Mags Begins with Writers” as posted on The Things They Read:

Have a great week!

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  1. The editor's article on why Elizabeth Chandler's story was selected was very helpful. If only more journal editors would take the time to explain their selections as carefully.

    And I noticed he wrote about the training their first readers are given. I've often wondered how many journals actually provide any guidelines at all. I've read for one where the instructions were basically, "Welcome aboard. Here's some stories to read." But without training, how are first readers to know what the editors are looking for? As a writer it is frustrating enough never hearing why a story is rejected. To wonder if the first reader was even qualified to read it only adds to that feeling.