Tuesday, October 5, 2010

upcoming guest / submishmash Qs

Be sure to drop by on Thursday, for guest blogger Joe Ponepinto. Joe is the Book Review Editor for the Los Angeles Review, a literary journal published by Red Hen Press. His current novel, tentatively titled Who Will Cry for Paris?, is represented by Andrea Hurst Literary Management.

Joe will be sharing two blogs: this Thursday and next Thursday, Joe is sharing a few thoughts and tips for the workshop/critique experience. Part one is this week and then you’ll have to come on back next Thursday for Joe’s wrap-up. In the meantime, visit his blog to see what else he has to say about writing and publishing: http://otnipenop.com/

And now I have a question for the writers out there who regular submit and for editors who regularly receive submissions….

As a writer, I’m a big fan of submishmash. I love the ease of submitting material online and enjoy the occasional obsessive inquiry to see what my submission log looks like. I wonder, does most everyone agree that submishmash is complete genius? Have you, as an editor or author, had any less than stellar experiences?

I’m considering signing on for a publisher’s account with submishmash to handle the review submissions that come in for Poets’ Quarterly. This would not only decrease the storage of my email inbox, but most importantly – and why I am giving it serious consideration – it sounds like I can have multiple administrators log in to access the submissions. This certainly appeals to me, as I’d like to increase the editors/readers at PQ and think this is likely a nice solution for providing a central location in accessing submissions.

Any thoughts? Does anyone use submishmash for review submissions? Any pitfalls I should consider? I’d certainly welcome your comments by email, lori@loriamay.com, if you’d rather not post to the blog. Thanks for sharing your experience.

By the way, I should also mention that if you are familiar with submishmash and love how easy it is to use AND have an interest in volunteering some time as an assistant editor, I’d love to hear from you. Just in case I do get the ball rolling with an online submissions manager, it’d be nice to know who might be interested in taking on a very part-time job (with admittedly little pay, but a whole lot of praise and a super cool title).

Remember to come back on Thursday for Joe Ponepinto’s take on criticism.

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